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    New energy standards

    I took a carrier training course yesterday and found out that all RTUs above 4 tons will now have VFDs on the blower motors. It looks like they come setup from the factory WITHOUT the keypad (theyre abb drives). Anybody have any problems with these units at startup where you needed to adjust anything? It sounded like you dont need the keypad but it is reccomended. Just wanted some feedback on any possible problems in the future.

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    We have a similar regulation in Michigan now, any unit over 5 tons must have a two speed blower, at least two stages of mechanical cooling and low leak economizer. Only time I needed a keypad was when one of the VFDs was throwing an error and I had to find out what error it was throwing. Turned out to be an earth ground fault and unrelated to the drive.
    You can get them from carrier, I think it is part number CRDISKIT001. If you are runnin Service on these new units you should get one to save yourself the headache down the road

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