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    Problem adding Vent Boost Remote on Prestige IAQ TStat

    Hi, I've just received and installed my Prestige IAQ 2.0 Thermostat. I've ordered it along with 2 indoor sensors, 2 vacation remote, 2 vent boost remote, delta T sensors and an outdoor sensor. The first time I've configured the tstat, I was able to add all my device (9 in total including the EIM and the gateway). Now, after playing around in the menus and the config, I decided to reconfigure it for real and did a reset to default on the tstat. Now, I can add all my redlink devices EXCEPT the 2 x vent boost remote. I first tough it was probably cause the ventilation type wasn't set in the config. I did set it to HRV and I still can't add the vent boost remotes. I've tried different things, including powering off the tstat and EIM without any luck. Anybody had an issue like this or have any hints to try out?

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    Well , ending up figuring it out by myself. It appear that I probably placed the 2 remote in a weird state with the prior pairing and they were no longer being able to 'pair' themselves with the EIM. I found ( not documented ) that if you keep the connect button ON long enough on the remote , at one point the light will turn red and then you'll be able to 'pair' it again by clicking on the connect button once the red light turn off.

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