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    Lowe's has Porter Cable cordless tools pretty inexpensive. They aren't going to be as good as a DW or Milwaukee, but it's a ton better than B&D.

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    "Dewalt has always been a branded B&D in my mind, and so far I haven't owned one. One of the best circular saws I've ever owned was a Black & Decker, which was a $5 purchase at a flea market."

    Agreed and ditto on the circular saw! B&D Sawcat my brother in law gave me when he bought a Milwaukee. Works great for me.
    I remember now that it was B&D that owned DeWalt and the sick feeling I had in my stomach when I found that out. I returned the DeWalt mini grinder I had just purchased as I didn't want to be stuck with a boat anchor. Ironically, the mini grinders sound like they were actually pretty good. When my brand new B&D corded hammer drill let its' smoke out when I was using a hole saw, I called it quits on that junk.
    My cordless Milwaukee 18V now does all the holesawing I need without a complaint.

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    My former co-worker has a black and decker 12v cordless. I did not think it was all that bad.

    I have b&d corded sawzall and like it better than the shops makita (nothing against makita, they make good stuff).

    The best cordless drill I have ever owned is a craftsman (the 19.2v one). Don't know how old it is (it's a 75th anniversary edition) but it's survived use by someone who can destroy anything.

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    I got the 19.2v Craftsman stuff too. It's pretty good. I even have an OLD Makita 9.6v drill. (It's old enough to have an actual keyed chuck) Usually leave them at home though. Less chargers I gotta keep up with.

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    Black and decker sucks, it's for homeowners. I use the porter cable set from lowes bc i bought 6 sets when they first started carrying them I think it was 89$ for a light, sawzall, drill, skill saw 2 batteries, charger and bag. I think that set is like 139 now. The sawzall and skillsaw eat the battery up pretty quick but good for cutting a few 2 bys or ripping some plywood. Before porter cable I had a makita set and the batteries crapped out after about 3 years. I've had a couple batteries crap out with the porter cable sets too though.

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    Dewalt is owned by B&D. Their tools were junk for most of the 2000s and they've just started to make up some ground.
    My dad still has his dewalt stuff from 97-99 and it can't be killed, but he's killed two 18v impacts he started buying a couple years ago.
    I'm told Porter Cable is also light duty homeowner stuff.

    My makita 14v driver is from '05, original batteries and use it every day.
    That's my choice!

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    I use a 12v Bosch impact drill for simple screwing stuff, works great its light on the tool bag and my arm. spent a great deal of money on it and love it.

    Now if I'm installing or need an extra kick I use a traditional drill that plugs in the the wall. Sometimes I have to drill into stucco or concrete. I decided to go with a traditional drill after I spent a great deal of money on a dewalt 18v drill I used it for everything drilling into concrete, stucco metal anything I needed it for, I also pissed through a number a batteries and finally the motor went and I was stuck on call duty in the middle of the night without a drill. Thats when I decided to get different drills for different purposes.

    That works for me, but really you need to find what will work for you and how you want to do the job. I rather have a drill that isn't all the powerful but gets the job done on simple stuff that will extend the life of the drill and batteries, and have a drill that kicks ass for the harder stuff that will take more wear and tear.

    Do the research on the drill as well. the Bosch PS21-2A-RT 12V I find is an awesome drill, comes with 2 lithium ion batteries If I charge them on Sunday I will get a full week out of them with out changing them, and like i said its lightweight and does the job.

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    Why the hate for 12v tools?

    Besides being my 'daily driver' I've done a couple of medium sized home improvement projects with my M12, driving tapcons, large wood screws, lag bolts, etc and have not found myself wanting for power.

    I agree with using a corded drill for heavier jobs.

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    Thanks for the help everyone, I went ahead and bought the $20 black and decker 20v for now. Being in college, I don't have much money right now. Since I just use it for sheet metal at most it should be alright for now. Plus I have a corded drill for heavier jobs.

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    The many faces of BLACK & DECKER which is now part of STANLEY TOOLS
    Decker Corporation. Brands include:

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    I use s couple of 12v makita drills dating from 2004, got a hammer drill/driver and a sds one. Mostly the drill/driver gets used for screws and hole saws, the sds will do upto 5/8 in concrete (even does light chiseling), but i'll get the mains hilti drill out for bigger stuff or a lot of holes. Got a 12v makita 1/2 impact driver for use with sockets but doesn't get as much use now.

    I do mostly service work but have the 12v stuff will keep up with me on install!

    When i first started out in the mid 90's i had a 12v Elu (now dewalt) and a 8.4v B&D for doing screws up. Got to cut your cloth according to your means.

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    one word: RIDGID. life time warranty. register your product. if it ever crap out you will get a new one or repaired.
    Parts Changer Extraordinaire
    Have tools and gauges, will travel.


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    If you want small and light the BOSCH Litheon series is AWESOME! Their 12V (10.8v nominal) is a powerhouse for its size. I have 2 drivers and 1 impactor. The impactor will drive zip screws all day long. 30 minute charger, 2 year battery warranty, 3 year tool warranty, about 1 week turnaround for repairs. I am thinking of getting the 12V 3/8" drill and multitool. For bigger jobs I have the 18V circular saw, recip saw and BRUTE 1/2" drill/hammer drill. It has no problems drilling concrete for the blue TapCons.


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