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    dont get b&d or craftsman the drills or drivers dont hold up to long use go with dewalt ( i know its a branded b&d but thats like saying cadillac is a branded chevy ) 18 v if your doing commercial and have to drill a lot of large holes or drive alot of screws in heavy gage metals or long screws if its just to put a platform in or put some zip screws in 24 gage metal duct or remove panel i use a makita one of the minis 10.4 or 12 v cant remember what it is ive done full residential duct installs with it and after a day of zipping duct and hanging it in an attic or crwal you'll be glad to have a light weight drill and the batteries will last all day for the most part just keep one chrged and have fun

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    rigid all the way... 8hr. lantern life and the impact will zip all day long while their de-faults charge the batts.

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    I use very rarely a drill, but all the time my impact driver. Best tool I ever bought. Well balanced, light and compact.

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