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FWIW, if one of my students can't recognize a blown fuse, they certainly aren't going to graduate. My question to you is, was his transcript verified and was his instructor listed or contacted as a reference? There are certain rules that prevent us as instructors from giving negative references for students. However, if an instructor chooses not to comment, that should be a red flag. Also, if the instructor/s are not listed as references, that should also raise some red flags. I've had students that dropped out of the program, only to apply at a contractor and tell them they took the program, and because of our reputation, received a job. Not soon after I get a call wondering what kind of program I am running, turning out a graduate like "Billy Bob". When asked about a transcript or instructor reference in cases like this, the normal reply is "They said they took your program". Hopefully you/your boss didn't just take his word for it.
Well my boss took his word I'm sure, he is terrible at hiring guys, he is one of them that think you can pull someone off a bar stool and they will make you money. I'm glad for your students you give them quality training.

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