Okay I have a walk in freezer with two units in it i had one system freeze up on the evap pretty bad. We got it thawed out changed the faulty clock and checked the sysyem out unit was good. but it was a little low on oil. I asumed it would bring the oil back after we removed the ice but after a few days it didn't it is actully lower now its a 404a system and my suction in around 11psi the evap coil is under the condensor. what can i do to get the oil back to the system with out taking out the valves. i did add a little oil to help the compressor but now im concerned about it having to much. someone did replace the compressor about a year ago not sure why though. oh it does have a crank case regulator and but no suction acumalator. and it is a pump down system. thanks and you all can call me an idiot lol