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    Thanks in advance for any advice you professionals can provide.

    I have a two story residence with a fireplace on the ground floor that is functional but suffers from backdraft stink when the barometric pressure changes, and we think a woodburning insert may be the solution for us (we have a gas direct vent fireplace in the basement, but would like to have an alternate heat source if there were an interruption in the utilities).

    The house is 3400 square feet (~1700 square feet for the ground floor) and we are thinking mainly in terms of supplemental heat (we are in Maryland).

    The insert would be fairly close to the thermostat and also the stairs, so it would suppress the thermostat and perhaps send some heat upstairs when in use.

    The inserts we have seen that are sold locally and look appropriate to our needs are the Hearthstone Morgan model, the Quadrafire 2700i, and the Buckstove model 81. All are secondary combution (non-catalytic) and have blowers as options. Esthetically, the Morgan looks nicest to us, and the Buckstove is kind of "plain Jane" with the Quadrafire in the middle.

    We know we will have to have a masonry chimney lined with 6" pipe, for a distance of ~20 feet (two stories).

    Of these, do you see any that you prefer (or would avoid), and if so, why?

    Any other models that would be comparable in price that are American-made? I am not looking for price quotes, here, per the site rules, Just want other suggestions as appropriate.

    We are expecting to add ~400 square feet to the house on the same floor next spring. If we are thinking of just supplemental heat and 'emergency heat' to keep a few rooms habitable, do we need to move up to the "medium" sized inserts or not, in your opinion?

    Thanks for your thoughts!

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    I'm not familiar with the brands you have listed, but here's one more to consider.

    The quality is excellent and they have many trim and finishing options. They also have an excelent warranty. I just toured their plant in BC and was very impressed with their commitment to quality. Regency is big on R&D to produce a top end unit. In fact, their testing facilities here in BC are so advanced that CSA uses it to test and certify products!
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    I don't know the Buck stove but the Hearthstone and Quadrafire are nice stoves. Sounds like you are doing your homework, good luck with your choice!
    Trust me, I know what I'm doing.

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    Check out Lopi

    I do not sell them just install them

    Regency is one that always works I like them too

    the stoves you are currently looking at are good too.

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    Thanks, now I have two more options. The Freedom model may be one for me to look at and compare with the others.

    I have assumed that the steel plate models don't heat as well as the cast iron models; is that correct? They are always the entry level models for the lines I have looked at.

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