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    Cool 80% of democrats "clueless"?

    That's according to democrat strategist and expert on the matter James Carville:

    So, if we take the roughly 150 million registered voters in the US x 47% x 80% you get about 56 million sheep and cattle who can vote according to an expert. Is this surprising to anyone? Note what Carville is saying: these people can be easily swayed just by simple baiting with silly issues--not matters of substance. I would say this episode of Mythbusters is "confirmed" that most democrats don't think rationally, intuitively or pragmatically but emotionally with sensing and feeling and can easily be lead to support issues that go against rational thinking.

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    Hey man 90 percent of the population of the world is clueless.

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    Been saying it all along "Won't take long before the 20% voice is lost in the muffle"
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    Quote Originally Posted by toocoolforschool View Post
    Hey man 90 percent of the population of the world is clueless.
    Actually I think your 90 percent estimate is "conservative", no pun intended.

    The interesting part to me is everyone thinks they are in the 10 percent minority that is intelligent and everyone else is just dumb, sheep, etc. And thats where the good comedy begins.

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    Just for the sake of arguement here (not that we need it in ARP), are the people really "clueless" or is it more of being self-centered. The "what's in it for me" group?

    All I hear from the left is the rich don't pay their share, we need this program, we need this handout. What are they actually doing to help improve things?
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    I wonder how many democrats and republicans are "clueless" enough to believe that James Carville said that....

    Cause.... truth be known..... he more than likely didnt or their would be some kind of verifiable....even web verifiable link to an article in the print media or to an interview he gave..... where he actually can be quoted from.

    I think the guy at think exist who made this one up also made one up about Hillary a while back.

    Americans are pretty clueless by the way....... we have become a people who are prefectly fine with our leaders lying and decieving us..... we even the score the winners of these debates on who lied the most....or

    The economy.... the state of the nation....... we are getting exactly what we deserve.
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    The best proof that he said this is a post in the Amazon customer discussion by Who Dat Nation. On the next page Who Dat Nation posts again.

    "Who dat falls for everything. "

    Not everything. I don't fall for the Democrat 'big govt is here to help you' B.S. like you and the rest of the liberals have. If Carville didn't say it, I'll bet he thinks it and believes it.
    But guess what, the word is out. He has to prove that he didn't say it and he doesn't believe it. Right, Harry Reid?

    Can you say punked?

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