Hi guys, I have a builder client that wants us to come up with the HVAC solution for their new restaurant project. It is in a very old building in the historic Pikes Place Market in Seattle that is currently being served by some sort of central hydronic system. The restaurant cannot have large ducts and all the insulated piping for aesthetic reasons and the building owner does not want to have a ductless system and is requesting a solution that utilizes the buildings existing hydronic system. So we're in a pickle. I am wondering if you guys have any recommendations for me that would be unobtrusive to the interior of the restaurant and if possible utilize the buildings hydronic system (I won't have exact details on whats under the hood for a few days). There is natural gas in the building. Here are some pictures of the heated space. I'm not sure if there's some sort of high velocity system that uses very small ducting or something similar that will work, this is a head scratcher. The first thing I thought was ductless but I think I'll have to exhaust all other avenues before forcing it. Any help would be very much appreciated