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    Rheem HVAC Compatibility

    I have recently had two HVAC techs install a completely new HVAC system and a new Ecobee Si. One of the guys wired the outside HP and one wired the indoor AH. I know that they had several of the wires wrong because I have checked them ex:

    the B terminal at the HP was attached to a blue wire and that blue wire was attached to another blue wire which ran to the AH but the blue wire was not connected to anything inside
    the D terminal at the HP (purple) attached to a black wire that ran to the AH and the black wire was attached to an orange wire that ran to the O/B terminal.

    I mentioned to one guy that he may need the instruction manual to the Ecobee since he has never installed one before. His reply was I can wire it with any wire, so its not a big deal I can do this in my sleep. It is a big deal if the other guy is using different wires!!! I can get the cool air to come on under the heat pump setting, but the heat only works if I have the furnace enabled and electric specified. I have been told by Ecobee that the AH and HP may not be compatible. There is no B or O terminal on the AH. The wiring diagrams in the manuals say that there is a B terminal on the AH, but the diagram that is on the AH itself does not have a B terminal. Is this correct? How should it be wired? I have no aux heat. currently it is wired as follows

    Thermostat -> AH -> HP
    W (O/B) - x - B
    Y - x - Y
    R - R - R
    C - C - C
    W2 - W1&W2 - D
    G - G

    rhsl-hm4221ja - Air handler
    13pjl42a01 - 1 stage heat pump

    I can provide more information if needed.



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    you need to contact your installers with your issues/concerns.
    It`s better to be silent and thought the fool; than speak and remove all doubt.

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