I have a Lennox hcwh-065 in a home with a total of 2600 sq feet. Testing my humidity with a hydrometer I can get the humidity level to about 40%, but the dehumidifier runs all of the time non-stop to keep that percent stable If I adjust it/turn it down it stays off for about 15-30 minutes before turning back on again and the humidity level rises to about 45-47 percent. I have called Lennox and they say it should be good for up to 5000sq feet.

I have it ducted from my return(cool air) and then back into my supply(hot air), bypassing the AHU, and the humidistat is currently still located on the unit. I will be moving it to a room nearby at a later date. My hvac system is running my ecm fan on low speed all of the time to add to the air movement of the dehumidifier.

Not sure what to do to stop it from running all of the time. Previously I had it running in the basement rec room as a stand alone to test it and it defiantly didn't go on all the time, understandably being in an open space.