There was a similar thread earlier this year of a guy who was cleaning ice machines and said it was boring and he wanted more. He shot his mouth off and had a pretty bad attitude and got blasted here. A short time after he got fired from his job.

My point is attitude is nearly everything. I want you to understand I'm not trying to take a shot at you, I just want you to understand what can happen.

I myself started as a peon doing condenser cleanings, air handler maintenance and the like which aren't nearly as sexy. I learned some valuable lessons there and you can too. Gaining experience from watching someone else jack it up is priceless. Take it all in. While doing your service dig deeper. Don't just clean the air handler, study how it works. Study the controls that control it. Study the wiring. All of this will pay big dividends later when you get a call. Find out where the power is fed from, etc etc.

As far as guys on this site go, if you show a positive attitude and ask directed questions (even if they are stupid) you will always find your answer.

Use the chip on your shoulder as an advantage and not a disadvantage. Out work, out study, out perform all of your coworkers and you will reap the rewards. As I tell the guys I work with...."just go out and do your thing".