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    Confused 3 Repair Quotes: 3 opinions. Help!

    Hi, I am new to this site. I am the landlord of a 3 year old townhouse in south FL, but live out of state so don't know who to call or trust on my AC problem. I have a Lennox CB26-UH-030-R-230-1. Here's my story:
    In March of this year, the AC simply didn't work. I called Company A, who diagnosed a clogged drain line. I authorized the repair. The next day, my tenant reports a big bang coming from the closet where the AC is. The technician the day before had forgotten to put the screws back in to the top panel! They returned and did so.
    This month, October, my tenant returned from a week long trip, turned on the AC and heard dripping. The pan was filling with water.
    I called Company A. They said the pan had cracked and would need to be replaced. They denied the possibility that the equipment drop onto the pan could have caused this. In the next days discussions, they said someone must have applied too much pressure to the drain pipe when changing the filter. I know nothing about a filter and neither does my tenant. They also said it was clean, like it was recently changed. We have not touched this AC for 3 years. They gave me an estimate for repair, and said the drain pan wasn't going to be covered by the warranty.
    Confused and a bit annoyed, I call Company B. They agreed that the pan could have had a hairline crack form the top panel, and also noted that the drain pipe was (now?) too close to the door of the AC closet. They provided an estimate for replacement of the pan and coil, they said the pan WOULD be under warranty, but the price was 2x that of Company A. They also said the unit doesn't even have a filter (?)
    What else, I call Company C. They want to CLEAN the coil and replace the pan, the pan NOT under warranty, and their price was even higher than Copmpany B's.
    What to do? Who to trust?
    Any advice greatly appreciated!!

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    Check the contractor locator on this site for someone in the area. The people here take pride in doing good work at a good price. Lots of luck!

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    You probably don't want to be telling anyone the filter has not been changed for three years. The very first line on the warranty information form that comes with the unit says in 1" letters "failure to maintain equipment voids warranty". Doesn't matter anyway since rental property has the same warranty as commercial property,which is one year parts and 5 year compressor. Bottom line is you'll have to pay for the pan and labor. Cleaning the coil is a good idea too if the filter really wasn't changed for 3 years.

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