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    Exclamation Need Technican Trained in Merlin Hot-Water Boiler Model BN 130 for hydronic HVAC sys

    We have a Merlin Hydronic HVAC system installed in our home. It was installed in 1997 and frankly has been a complete disaster. Now the hot-water boiler (model BN 130) has failed due to some simple electronic switch. It also sprung a leak after our local HVAC technicians looked at it. I have called at least six different firms and no one is willing to work with it--rare system and very esoteric. Apparently Merlin is now out of business. I can't find them on the internet either. It has been a week without hot water or heat in the house.

    If anyone knows a reputable technician in the Washington, DC metropolitan area who is trained in repairing Merlin systems like ours please post here. I will call them.

    If anyone has spare parts for a model BN 130 Merlin hot-water boiler please also reply. Perhaps I can salvage the necessary parts for the HVAC companies I already know.

    Thanks ahead of time for your help.

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    In case someone finds this post in a search...

    I finally located a company on my own -- United Air Temp of Lorton, Virginia that handles these old Merlin hydronic HVAC systems.

    Apparently it was a faulty bleed value that caused a leak and shorted out the temperature sensor. The whole fix and repair was about $$$.

    Thanks for the link and info BadgerBoiler nonetheless.
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