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as for the repair if they install a original equipment motor the worn out holes wont be reused so ask them to order a oe motor ,fan blade and have them replace the dual run cap . as for the roof mabey a 40 ft ladder is needed .then have them take pics of the repair as everybody has a phone with a camera these days

I am at my wits end and ready to do whatever it takes. The company is supposed to be coming back out today with a ladder able to reach the roof (they think). The fan motor is under warranty so I really want that company to fix it. I'm willing to pay the difference between the aftermarket motor and the Trane one, but we also need a fan blade. I have seen them online for less than half the price of what I was quoted by company #2, but am unsure if their quote included labor. Either way, not a real big deal. It's 4am, finally fell asleep sometime after 12:30, so this is night 3 of very little sleep. I am definitely going to have them take pics.

Catmanacman, you think I definitely have them replace the dual run cap? Is that the part that is sitting in the corner in the pic that others have said should be properly secured? I will ask for pics of before and after to be sure it is done correctly.

Now, I have been working on my cars my entire life, so am fairly handy. That being said, if they are not going to be able to fix this today, where can I go to get the parts I need? Fan motor last time was "1/3 thru 1/6 825rpm" and I definitely need a fan blade. I'm assuming (I know, I know) there was no other damage done by the blade otherwise I assume (I know, I know) any damage would be quite obvious. If I can get the parts, I'm fairly certain I can at least get this thing running.

On a side note, I am going to be contacting the news today to see if they can help in any way (they do this regularly) and also I have a best friend that is a real estate attorney. No real desire to litigate against my HOA, but they just are not acting and certainly not fast enough. Need to put a fire under their butts.

Any advice on where to purchase parts locally would be greatly appreciated (I know I can't purchase Trane parts since I'm not a HVAC guy/gal).

Thanks again to everyone for their insight and guidance.

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