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Thread: V-belt woes

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    I went on a no exhaust call friday for a hood in a restraunt I had never been to.The owner told me it was working great when your guy was here the other day working on it.We threw these switches on the wall & now it blows in cold air.What did I find?The einstien tech stuffed a 4L belt on pulleys intended for 3L belts.The belt rode higher in the pulley speeding it up giving more make up air than exhaust.2-3 hours later going over controls & running to the supply house to get the right belt etc,& finally fixed the problem our tech!I enjoyed writting up the free ticket this is the guy that points the finger & tells the boss every chance he gets.
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    It seems that no matter where you work, there are guys like that. It is good to see that he got knocked down a peg or two. He probably will come up with some lame excuse as to why he did it that way though. His type allways does!!

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    His excuse will be... I didn't have the right belt. His answer from the Boss should be "great, so we waisted a tech on your recall because you didn't have the time to go get the right belt".

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    We have almost the same problem where I work. Guys putting 3L belts on 1/2" pulleys on exaust fans you have to be a double jointed midget to get to. All they had to do was pick up the phone and the right belt would have been there in about 1 hr.
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