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    Pensotti boilers

    I am reviewing some quotes for a family friend in Maine. Does anyone have any experience with pensotti boilers? Personally I have never heard of the brand but after looking at the install manual it seems like a descent unit. The proposed boiler is a solenne boiler model PCH 50B. Just curious if any of you guys have had any experience with them? The house has an indirect water heater as well.

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    never heard of it. sounds italian. prolly in the same class as sime. even that one I never seen one in real life, other than on trade publication. I would rather go with bosch or viessmann. anything italian might be like italian car from days of old ... it's very good, but briefly (same with british ...) . the germans always over engineered and cost arm and leg to buy parts (just like their cars!!!) but they will work for eons as long as the electronics don't fail. jap brand like rinnai is good also. by boiler I take the liberty to expand it to tankless also...
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    We have a some of S1 series in New Hampshire. They are similar to a Burnham MPO. I believe Pensotti makes the block for Bisai, but I could be wrong. They seem descent enough. I haven't come across any of their condensing boilers yet. Before you commit to a boiler that's not common where you live, find out about parts availability. Nothing sucks worse then trying to get the special flame sensor/ignitor/waffle maker and it's in Italy. "I know it's January, but the part will be in 2 to 36 weeks."

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    I may be mistaken but I believe that the family lives up around millinocket. I was looking to move there a few years ago (to start a business) and this was the family that the mayor told me made these boilers. That's all I know of it and as I said... I believe that is the story.

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