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Thread: Pickup Truck

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    MTO would eat him alive glad you got friends hope one is a lawyer

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    Quote Originally Posted by tech-c2 View Post
    Does anyone here use a pickup truck with a cap for service work and if so how do you have it set up? Pics? I am just starting up on my own and with all the other expences and such I was thinking of just using my pickup for now rather than buying a van. Just want to know how this works out.

    I wouldn't recommend it, my current company was using standard cab trucks with work caps when I started here, my boss asked me if I wanted a truck and I said no way I'll take a van, now every vehicle we have is a van because everyone realized how much better it is.

    1. Everything gets wet
    2. Much harder to organize
    3. You'll trash it and now you've trashed your personal vehicle too

    Either go for a work van or a real work truck(if you do installs). If you can't do that pull an enclosed trailer with shelves.

    My opinion on starting up on your own, having your vehicle set up and stocked is vital, if you don't have that worked out it's like showing up with a sack full of all your tools and digging through it every time you need something.

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