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    I have a propane gas fireplace. Last year we replaced the thermocouple in it and it worked fine. Now this year when trying to relight the pilot light it won't light(we blew it out due to our son's curiosity with it)
    I turn the knob to pilot and push it in and light it. I use a lighter cuz the ignitor isn't working. It will light and stay on as long as you hold it in. But as soon as you let go it goes out. Any suggestions what could be causing this?

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    Find a dealer and have a service guy come look at it. Could be the pilot or the valve.

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    Check the thermocouple, if it has one, it may be loose.
    If it doesn't have thermocouple then check the thermopile leeds, they may be loose. Turn the contol to off if is a SIT 630 control. that will reset the valve and then try to relite the pilot.

    Hope this helps getting tired.

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