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    Awesome house for sale in WKY!!!

    I know this might not be standard for the junk yard but I have a really great house for sale that would be perfect for someone who enjoys projects, is looking to retire/semi retire or is looking to live somewhere that has old school values, small town charm, pro gun, nobody really gets in your business, is outside of any government jurisdiction, it's on a well, would be septic and propane so you could set it up to be self sufficient, is on just under ten acres, is in an area rich with fishing, hunting and outdoor activity, only about 25 minutes from the Land Between Lakes, our second largest lake system.

    I bought the house and love it but my fiancé backed out and I can't afford to live their on my own or finish it, I would love to help you finish the place though! Also comes with oversized detached garage, 3 other buildings, a tobacco barn(yearly lease to farmer, he did all my bush hogging and I still got a $500 dollar check), a tall 30x50 metal shop building with additional storage on the back of it.

    Here's some pics of the work I've done along with some contractors I know and my parents. Don't be discouraged I'll show how it looks now as well : )!
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    That wasn't everything but gives you an idea, it was mostly gutted and redone as well as we could, there's some little quirks here and there due to it's age but it feels like a great mix of old and new. Here's some pics from today.
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    Detached big two car garage with brand new roof.
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    Adding more pics in next post.

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    More coming

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    Master bed with bath and fireplace
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    Feel free to email me if you want more info or are interested, it's in my profile.

    Around 1600-1700sqft but it feels bigger, 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, still needs a septic installed(runs about 3-4k around here) because it currently uses a cistern(this place was old), the well needs to be checked out and might need to be redone(again about 5-8k), I got the hvac prepped for a split system in the attic, nice pull down ladder and you can walk to where the unit would go, no duct or system installed other then ceiling boots. The place certainly still needs some work done and the shop building would need a little work to make it a proper shop if you wanted it to be more than storage. It has all new electric and plumbing, the cabinets are already there and most of the hard wood but you could change it if you wanted. The house could definitely be purchased for under 185k and maybe under 180k, I would guesstimate that the house could be finished really nicely with porches and everything for a final investment of about 210k or maybe less but it would depend on how you did it. I already have drawing on a porch/deck outside on the back that would wrap around to the master bedroom and adding a gable off the master as well. Already have a kitchen drawing too.

    It just has great feel, one neighbor across the road and they are nice and mind their own business, mostly just land around the house, geese, blue herions and cranes come by pretty often, even saw a bald eagle one day, nice and quit road.

    Thanks for looking and I hope someone likes it as much as I do and would enjoy what it has to offer!

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