I am looking for a new water heater and my existing HVAC/water heater is a Rheem 80% and BW water heater vented through what i would say is a traditional metal chimney. the house is 12 yrs old and I am looking to pro-actively replace the water heater. The difference in price is signficant between a traditionally vented WH, and a power vented water heater. Assuming sometime in the next 5+ years I replace the HVAC system will the move to get a chimney vented WH now impact the HVAC Upgrade?

I know many newer HVAC high effieciency systems vent through a PVC pipe and eleminate the chimney (which I like), so would putting a Water Heater with chimney vent be a bad move? I have read the power vented models are more expensive and dont last as long and have many more complex components.