I just installed my 1st tankless hot water heater this weekend and it gave me an idea about flo-check valves.

We are still having an issue with getting hot water to remote areas like the bathroom faucet that for some reason takes over 3 min to heat up, yet the bath faucet 4 ft closer to the heater takes only about 20 sec.

So I was thinking about maybe putting in flo-check valves in strategic locations like near the bathrooms and just outside of the heater outlet....to try to trap in some of that hot water.

As it sits right now, the way I see, it, as soon as you turn the faucet off...the boiler shuts down and cold water fills back in to the hot water piping, leaving the hot water pipes cold for the next hot water draw.

Wouldn't flo-check valves solve this problem????