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    I have written before for information and I have finally purchased the following: an Amana 95% efficiency furnace with a lifetime heat exchanger warranty and a Ruud Zephyr 2-ton, 10 SEER a/c. The same company installed both. Since they couldn't track down a 10 SEER coil, I believe they used a 13 SEER coil.

    My question is this. You said to buy the middle model-no construction merchandise. The salesman said that Ruud is a good unit, but when I did a google search, some on-line company said it was a good unit for new construction. Do you recommend this model or did I make a mistake and buy a base unit. My old York model was 2.5 tons and a 6 or 8 SEER; the Ruud is 2 tons for a 1432 sq. ft. house.

    P.S. I was suppose to get an Amana 10 Seer unit, but another salesman sold it on me. As a result, my salesman sold me the Ruud unit for the same price.



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    The Zephyr series is their value line series. and I can only find the Zephyr in a max of 13SEER. Since it is their value line, you got the builders grade. I would have gone to the Achiever product. The reason you did not get a 10SEER is because gov't regulation will not allow anything under 13 starting 2006. So I guess we can assume that the contractors/suppliers inventory of 10SEER was gone by now.
    Amana is manufactured by Goodman.

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    It was a 10 SEER. They still had some in stock. They said as long as it was still in their inventory, they could still sell the 10 SEER model.

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    For the money, the 10AJB24 is a fine unit. But what coil did they install it with? If using the Ruud RCFA series, a full hard start kit would need to be installed in the outdoor unit to assure the compressor to start against the expansion valve installed on the coil. Also, the furnace blower should be set to around 800 CFM for cooling.

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