John here are some things to consider. If you have a used box and used equipment then more than likely is was a good match for you area of the country. LV coils are supposed to be use for high humidity boxes, but there is a way to use a regular coil by running a warm or dry coil. Keeping the superheat higher will get what you need. If you look at the differant specs on that coil model number it will tell your story on how to set it up.
To change to differant coil that wasn't a factory match we need a lot of info from you.
Max outdoor amb.
Type of box
Wall thickness
How many doors, windows, lights
How many times you will be going in and out
What is the product temp going in
What is the temp you want to maintain
How fast you want to bring it down to that temp?
How much product
What type of product
How wet the product is
Type of floor.

There are several more questions needed to make sure your other coil will work.
Like I said, maght be better just to stay wit what you got and install it right!