I have a two story, two zone system, with a Ruud heat pump. A/C works fine, cooling and blowing when called for by t-stat settings. However, neither t-stat will operate the blower in 'fan only' mode. That is, the only way to have the fan blowing is to have either heat or a/c driving it. Both t-stats have the usual switch, labeled in the usual way (fan on/auto), but neither switch causes anything to happen.
By the way, this house is brand-new construction. The contractor doesn't have a clue. Says it must have something to do with the fact that we have two zones, but only one heat pump unit. Doesn't understand why someone might want to operate the fan by itself.
Anybody ever hear of this? I know I can keep raising cain with the builder, but I thought if I could point him in the right direction, it help me get this fixed.

I guess I'm also asking if this situation could be considered 'normal' for any standard installation. It seems like my contractor and his HVAC sub just don't want to figure it out. Am I being unreasonable in insisting that they correct this?