Well we made it to Fla for vacation.Mom and Dad been down here since last month.They called when they got here and said the A/c quit after the first day. I told employees to call the owner and get someone out there. He came and said it was froze previous tennant must have k left it running with the doors open ...ok well he turn it off and told to turn it back on later it be ok.I told mom call owner back get someone else. They been turning off and thawing everyday since. I got here today and looked , it's a Brand new 2.5 ton train split and It was about froze.we are at gulf dunes okaloosa island.kinda aggravating to come on vacation and have a/c problems.the guy who works on it says he didn't install .I'm gonna call the owner tomorrow , who knows someone down he're for me to recommend? I didn't bring nothin but fishing equipment, we need it fixed 2.5 tons seems oversiZed maybe and the duct looks too small.