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    Huge Fan System in Potential Home - Please help!

    Hi Everyone - Great site with a TON of useful information. I've been reading thru the forums a lot as I'm trying to gain basic HVAC knowledge since my wife and I are looking for our first home. Today, we toured a gorgeous bi-level home and I had never seen the HVAC system so I figured I would post some pics and would like to know A. How it works and B. It this better or worse than more conventional systems i.e. GFA The house has central air and baseboard heat for the ground floor (and lower level). However, the upper floor with the bedrooms has vents in each room and a giant metal fan unit in the hallway that opens up when you turn an old fashioned timer. I know that the hallway fan vents air thru the attic which I can see would helping in the summer since heat rises and the rooms can get pretty warm, but I'm wondering if during the winter - does heat from the furnace actually get circulated in thru the air vents in the bedrooms, or is it just circulating air from the downstairs and bringing it up? I did notice that in the bathroom on the same floor was a large foiled cylinder, but I have no clue what it does!! Name:  1.jpg
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    It looks like it has central hvac, the 3rd pic is an air handler or furnace. That big fan was for before ac was used in the home, you open up windows and turn on the fan and it pulls in air through the windows and blows it into the attic. If I were you I would remove the fan and Sheetrock the hole closed because they are like an oven in the summer letting hot air in from the attic and in the winter let your heated air out into the attic. It's like having a window open while trying to heat or cool your house intensified in the summer because the attic can get to 130F+

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    The attic fans can be very effective in shoulder seasons. Days where it's cool outside but you don't want to run the central AC. As jtrammel posted some of the louvers can be leaky, so seal it up when not in use if you plan using the fan in spring/fall.

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