I recently had two Carrier Infinity Air Purification systems (Model # GAPAAXCC1625) installed in my 2 story home. A few days later my wife and daughter were complaining about a gaseous like smell that was present throughout both floors of our home and was making them nauseous and causing headaches. I have bad sinuses so I never smelled anything but I noticed that I was getting more headaches than usual and also felt slightly nauseous.

Since my wife and daughter said the smell was gaseous in nature, I called the gas company who sent a technician with a sniffer to our home. He did a thorough check up both in the house, in our attic where the mechanicals and air purifiers are installed, and even checked the outside gas lines. He found no evidence of a gas leak, so that was ruled out.

I notified my Carrier Dealer about the smell and they sent over one of their master technicians. He immediately noticed the smell and after checking out the system, stated that the ionizers were producing ozone which was what we were smelling. He suggested that we run the HVAC fans for 24 hours per day for a few days which should help dissipate the odor. This didn't make any sense to me because if the HVAC system fans were on, so were the air purifiers ionizers; but I left the fans on as suggested and it seems to help with the smell.

The fans have been running for about 48 hours straight. I decided to see what would happened if I put the thermostat's fan setting back to it's Auto setting which turned off the HVAC's system fans. Within 5 minutes my wife detected the smell while standing under the air vent return in our master bedroom. Within 2 hours both my wife and daughter stated that the smell had returned to both floors of our home and that they were experiencing headaches and feeling slightly nauseous. They decided to leave the home and went shopping, and I decided to climb up to the attic to see if I could detect anything unusual with the two air purifiers. The only thing I noticed is that the blue power indicator light on both units remained lit whether the HVAC systems fans were on or off. I remember reading in the installation manual that the blue power indicator light should only be lit when the air purifier unit is first powered on and when the HVAC system fan was on; when the HVAC system blower was off or the HVAC system's power was off, the blue power indicator light on the air purifiers should be off. Is the fact that power indicator light remains constantly on indicate a wiring problem? Could this be contributing to the smell?

In the mean time, I've turned the fans back on to help dissipate the smell, but again as I said earlier, this make no sense to me. If my technician's assumption is correct that the air purifiers ionizers are creating an ozone smell, then how can the fans running with the air purifiers clear the air? And what's causing the smell when the fans are turned off?

A few additional questions: If I power off the air purifiers until my Carrier Dealer is able to eliminate the smell or remove the units, which they said they would do if we're not completely satisfied with the performance of the units, would I cause any damage by running my HVAC systems without the air purifiers operating since they will remain in-line until removed?

If I replace these units with Aprilaire 5000 Air Cleaners, could I experience the same problem since the Aprilaire has an Ionization unit?

Thanks in advance to any of the pros (and non-pros alike) that take the time to answer my questions and for providing assistance with this matter.