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    I have a electric grill that has 3 heating elements. 8 amps each 240 volts.The solderless terminals keep burning off. I use high temp wires and terminals. how can I stop this?.thanks

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    we had some steam wells at a store once made by WELLS and had the same problem. the factory said we had to use the brass terminals they use from the factory. they sent us some and we used them never have had a call back since for those steam wells. we tried to find them but so far have had no luck. the only brass terminals we seem to be able to find are nickel plated thus are of no use.

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    one thing I have found the terminals will burn off if they are not crimped tight, and the wire has to be clean before you crimp it.

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    dmp... is correct

    Even the Zinc hi temp terminals are prone to heat. For example... A heating element gets hot due to resistance from one L1 to L2 similar to a crimp terminal will with the following conditions:

    Over sized crimp terminal
    Undersized wire for load
    Poor crimp
    Loose screw connection
    Loose spade connection
    Dirty or darkened wire
    Burnt or darkened element connection

    If any of these conditions are present it creates resistance from the incoming wire (L1) to the element connection (L2), the point of resistance will burn at the weakest point.

    Brass ends crimp easier than Zinc. Once the plating is over heated the terminal is toast unlike brass that has no coating to burn off.

    A trick is to sand the old element connection down a bit to clean it up first then use a professional set of Kline crimps with the right size terminal end and clean hi temp wire end 1/4" long.

    If the element connection is burn off where only the connection rod is left, clean the rod and wire end. Solder the wire end and use a contactor screw clamp (after clipping off the ring terminal end) to fasten the wire. Be sure to wrap this connection with hi temp tape to keep from grounding. All element terminals move during heating and cool down.

    Yes, brass is nearly impossible to find at supply houses.

    If you have a spade element terminal good luck. Spade ends just don't hold the terminal very well. You can try to squeeze the female end a little but it will still create resistance and burn up. How may infinite controls burn up due to poor connections?

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