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    I had 2 out when I was eighteen and don't think I was out of it for more than a day or two. The next set was when I was 28 and one was impacted. So 3 had to come out that day. The oral surgeon said that this may hurt a little. I told him that if it hurt that I was going to rip the arm off the chair and stab him with it. He turned around, loaded up another siringe, and stabbed my mouth until there was nothing. Again, don't remember it taking more than the weekend before I went back to work.

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    I had to have a tooth yanked a few years ago, roots was wrapped around it... anyhow it was pretty bad with the doctor practically climbing up onto my lab to get that sucker out.

    He gae me pain pills right then and there and told me to take two.... and also gave me a prescription for 20 more.

    Before I could even think about taking any more pain pills one of my relatives.... think it was my sisters boy cause they were over that evening....stole my pain pills.

    I just had to gobble regular tylenol and sleep as much as possible. No way I could call the doc and tell him someone in my family stole my pain pills.....

    But of course in todays world...while they probably couldnt do anything about that.... I know they would probably believe me.
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    Do the rinses and specific care as instructed , you do not want a dry socket. Repeat , you do not want a dry socket.

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    I developed a horrible toothache back in my 20's - had all four wisdom teeth pulled. Spent the next two weeks in agony, pain & swelling.

    The genius oral surgeon eventually figured out I had an impacted molar all along with which was causing the problem. Nobody looked any further than the wisdom teeth. He pulled the molar and I was good to go.

    That was a bad month.

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    Rinse mouth with strong drink like burbon and it will ease pain, oral anestetic.

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    I was born without the buds for any wisdom teeth. Hooray for mutation! Sadly, my application to be "Smartass-born-without-wisdom-teeth Man" was rejected by the X-Men.

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