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    Permit question: Pulling extra circuit for a/c

    I installed a new a/c system from scratch to handle an enclosed garage plus a couple other rooms and I need an electrician to pull a couple circuits to my equipment. Sparky is telling me that since the existing elect. panel is in a bedroom closet he will be required by the city inspector to relocate the entire panel. OMG homeowner definitely wasn't counting on an expense like that and I feel bad for not warning them before I started the job.

    Is there really a rule that says the panel MUST be relocated when adding a circuit? Or is sparky just misinformed?
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    Steve, I would call the electrical inspector myself, all inspectors in Houston will talk to all trades, and there all pretty nice and informative guys. I just did a job on an existing home "small remodel" and the electrician picked the place apart to the sum of $3500.00 for such things as the panel box was not level. I know things are tough out there for a lot of folks, but this kind of stuff is highway robbery. The HO found another sparky to do the upgrades he needed for $1200.00.
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