Hey everyone, I dont want to spam ya but I have made my first android app and its focused for HVAC service, I thought I may as well post it here so you guys could take a look and tell me what you think.
The name is Equipment Notebook, It is basically a digital version of those little notepads I carry around.
You can define locations, and add equipment to those locations, once the equipment is entered you can save and edit notes for each piece of equipment. Good for recalling filter and belt sizes, and past service.

I have just completely recoded the app, so it looks better on tablets and bigger screens.

I havent gotten much feedback and would like to know what you guys think.
Please try it out and let me know!
free version (3 location limit) - http://goo.gl/XUIpH
$1 version (Unlimited Locations) - goo.gl/wiMF4