although it's true many people are against the bill i feel i'm one of the only people , on the victim side, that understand the true potential of this legal monstrosity.

first of all, there is only one issue about this bill that is important, and that's the MANDATE that FORCES people to buy insurance.
this is an unbelievable amount of power given to companies by the government.

the current estimate for NOT buying insurance is a tax of $1300 per year, and there is nothing that says that amount won't rise or double.
if my premium was $1300 , that would be more money than i paid when i had insurance.

1) There's going to be a massive increase in the health care industry.
basically what will happen is, the insurance companies will tally up the cost of doing business, add many high paying jobs, add loosely related jobs and services, add in hefty profits, and bill the whole thing to the public.
the expense will be divided by an average premium rate. ($1300 per working person is a lot of money)
the health care industry could increase 10 fold.
since the money is extorted from the public, the health care industry is probably going to be one of the only places to get a good job.

2) Given the fact that only 3% of Massachusetts refused to buy insurance, we can expect probably 92% of working people in the country to go along with the program.
the next logical step is to automatically deduct premiums from the paycheck, we can expect that people like me who don't buy insurance won't have no choice. the company will put you on the plan as soon as you are hired.

3) I expect premiums will differ from zip-code. this is the way they get money from people who have it and give people a break who don't.

4) Obviously insurance companies will offer coverage to businesses in group plans. eventually, the bigger your company is, the more everyone will pay. there will be fees for individuals and fees for the company, as there is now

5) Much of the Western Hemisphere is going to migrate to America while the good times last.
Not everyone is going to pay for insurance.
the Health Care Bill lists illegal aliens as exempt.
these people are going to receive free coverage , paid for by people who work in America.
this bill could destroy everything we know about America.
there will be more insentive to move here, less insentive to become a citizen, and more insentive to sit on the ass with free benefits then become a productive part of society

6) Doctors are going to start being ripped off. insurance companies will dictate sub-low payment for procedures.
(the current bill has price controls for doctors)
doctors are going to be over-worked and REALLY not care about anything

7) There not going to allow people to claim "self-employed" and not pay into the system.
there will be millions of people who would-have started a business that will be chased away because of another expense.
we can expect that once you claim "self employed" you will have to show insurance before you get a business license...or something similar.

8) There will be an almost instantaneous over-load on the system, mostly filled by routine check-ups. people will have to start waiting for appointments and people with real problems will have to wait longer.
things are going to start looking like county hospitals.

9) The rich will have options to buy premium plans that will place them at the head of the line.

10) Things like vitamins, flu shots, certain drugs, and certain tests will become MANDATORY or you won't be covered, ...but still have to pay.
if you don't show up for your baby embryo flu shot, you won't get full treatment when you have a serious issue.
you will start being called to the medical center, probably bi-monthly.

11) No matter how much they claim "death panels" are fiction, the truth is every plan of action for every ailment will be pre-determined.
of course many people will die waiting for a chain of events, or die because someone has decided there will be no more treatment.
many more people will be upset that they are not getting the treatment they fell they need.

12) The days of second opinions are over. each doctor will register a pre-determined plan of action, if you feel there is a misdiagnosis, or things aren't moving fast enough ,too bad.
everything will be listed on medical records that will be shared with every doctor who you are involved with, who will all be required to follow the same procedures.

13) It will be far easier for pharmaceutical companies to test their products on live people as a board will determine which drugs to use as standard procedure.
instead of the direction we should be heading, questioning if all these drugs are damaging to us.

14) Every two-bit health scam will become a mandatory part of treatment.
a person might be punished in some way for smoking, drinking coffee, or eating at Taco Bell.
people who don't play Simon-Says will probably have to pay higher premiums.
the health care industry will be able to dictate which companies offer "healthy" products, and which are ruined by being labeled "unhealthy"

15) The health care industry will become a massive bureaucracy, even bigger than it already is, as more employees are added and more profit is pulled out , you can expect premiums to rise every couple of years.
like all Socialist plans, health care will have to be broken every year, so they can demand more money from the public.