Hi everybody!
I need some help and suggestion. About a couple of weeks ago, our air conditioner was replaced with a new one. The technician changed the outside condensor as well as the inside evaporator.
The problem is when he was trying to get into the evaporator which was inside the insulation box he had to open the alluminum and as well as CUT and MAKE A WHOLE of the INSULATION which
covers the evaporator. As I was watching him making a whole through the insulation, I noticed the insulation looked so dirty and particles of DUSTS and i think FIBER particles of the insulation flew
in the air. After the replacing of the evaporator was done, he simply put back the alluminum part and cover with a tape outside.
Our new born baby is coming very soon. And I don't want to have some kind of cancer. I watched in youtube that insulation products are made of fiber and they are hazardous.
I need help to fix this problem. Should I call the Warranty company and make another claim? What might be the best solution if I will have to DO IT MYSELF to fix it?
Thank you in advanced!