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Thread: Garage Heater

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    Hi guys, sorry for starting this thread and disappearing. I have had a hellacious work week. Thanks for the replies, there are certainly some good ideas to work with. Radiant tubes are going to be a bit too spendy as well as the mini-split. Thats great that the UDAP can vent sidewall, I couldn't find that info. I think I'll go with that
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    Try William Comfort Products. They come with direct vent/side vent options. No fan required.
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    Quote Originally Posted by syndicated View Post
    Lennox's LF24 series can be sidewall vented. They're relatively inexpensive and very reliable.
    They come in sizes from 30k to 120k for res. use.
    i currently just installed one in my parents house. very impressed with quality and operation for the cost of unit.

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