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    Whats the dirt on these products, are they really made by Lennox?
    A local supplier that I do alot of my commercial business with started selling them, it would be convenient for me to do more shopping in less places.
    All my leon freaked out!

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    Lennox owns everything. They have their own factories. The Concord outdoor units are similar to the Lennox Merit units, cheaply built. We've been selling some Air Ease, which is identical to the Armstrong line. Techs don't care for it, harder to install and work on that what we're used to. Have had more than our share of HP problems and their new HP line, 2SHP13, won't get 13 SEER with a coil only match. How ridiculous! Have to use a 3rd party coil, like Aspen, to get an ARI rating. With OEM coil, takes a VS blower on the furnace to get 13, so that means 12 or less with just coil.

    From a dealer standpoint, key is a great wholesaler. We have that with our Air Ease supplier which is why we keep selling it.

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    Originally posted by chiller mekanik
    Whats the dirt on these products, are they really made by Lennox?

    owned by Lennox International, not made by Lennox Industries.

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