I'm not "what-iffing" the situation or the response, corny, I'm questioning why people are even now insisting that an attack on an American embassy on 9/11 can even remotely be attributed to some anti-Muslim video on YouTube. It didn't then nor does it now or will it ever make sense!

And there is a difference between an anti-Muslim cartoon published in a major newspaper and a video put on YouTube: everyone reads a newspaper but no one goes on YouTube - home to millions of videos, BTW - and somehow innocently stumbles upon an inflammatory piece.

This event was planned and it was obvious it was planned from the moment it happened. No one brings assault weapons and tactics to a protest - it just doesn't happen. And all this administration does is respond by apologizing for the Bill of Rights, essentially. (In case you don't get it, what I mean is he apologized for us having written in our Constitution the freedom of speech)