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    hi everyone i am new to the site if you havent guessed..i have a question regarding an exam which i am taking in december here in new york for *thermostat repairer* i have been looking for study material on pneumatics and can't seem to find any? does anyone know where one can find any related study books thanks...

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    what is a "thermostat repairer"?

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    What? Who? Where?
    Check this thread:
    The Honeywell manual (free download) has a chapter on pneumatic controls.
    I have an old Barber-Coleman pneumatic manual floating around somewhere, but I don't know if it is online anywhere.

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    You may want to try They have pneumatic training manuals

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    Quote Originally Posted by wellhung View Post
    what is a "thermostat repairer"?
    Leave it to New York.
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    Quote Originally Posted by qtip View Post
    Leave it to New York.
    one of my engineers was a union tstat repairer in nyc a few years ago. good pay $40hr plus. amazing what you can get payed to do, this is the same city that you can make a living as a doorman. the flip side is you need to make the big bucks there to live better than cardbored house. i bypassed a job there as the house prices just about gave me a stroke and evrybody is like there butt is on fire

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