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Have a blower door test performed just so you know how much and where you could improve and if the 2 ton won't get it done, which I feel it would, then you can go about improving the home until it will get the job done whether its 80F or 100F. Even if it won't keep it 74 when it's 95F outside the humidity will be so low from continuously running it won't feel uncomfortable at 78F inside
I didn't have a blower door test.

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Whats the warrenty on the units? I know certified trane contractors have 10 year. If bumped up to 3 ton just based on what you said about a 2 stage, it might be just a sales man. How close were the calculation to the thresholds of being a 2 vs 3 ton? And of course they can just fudge em too. what was previously installed? Did it hold up on peak temp days?

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I really am not sure how close the calculations were, I guess I should have asked for them. The old unit that is currently working, on the hottest days seemed to run pretty much all day during the height of the heat, say from 10AM to 8PM. The old unit may not have been producing 3 tons anyway for all I know. The last 4 years it has sounded like a jet engine.

I am not sure how to convey this, but we had to keep the temp close to 70 degrees or it didn't feel cold enough. But in the evening/overnight it felt too cold at the same temps. I am guessing that is a humidity issue right?

I am just afraid to go from 3 ton to 2 ton even knowing the new technology is far superior to what I have.

Like I mentioned, my house is only 1500 s/f on one level. It is well insulated in my opinion and I think it is pretty much "draft-free".

Maybe a 2 ton, 2 stage is the way to go as a 3 ton 2 stage may be overkill. ???