I do hate to keep asking questions, but I was thrown a curve.

A little background. I had 3 contractors gave me a quote to replace my AC and furnace. After the load calculations two of the three suggested a 2.5 ton AC unit. These were one stage units.

After some research I have decided I would rather have a two stage. I contacted the contractor and told him of my change from a one stage to a two stage. He got back with me on a new price and I noticed he went from a 2.5 ton to a 3 ton.

When I asked him why, he said they do not have 1/2 tons (It is a Bryant 127A), everything steps up by a full ton.

Like I mentioned, 2 of the 3 contractors suggested a 2.5 ton and the other contractor suggested a 2 ton. I currently have a 3 ton.

So here is my question. Should I go up to a 3 ton, or drop back to a 2 ton?

Thanks alot for your help!