We've had Shafers for about 5 years. The number of backoffice people I need for maintaining accounts and handling service seems much higher than other contractors with different software.

I've been getting complaints from sales about Shafers not being able to interface with Quote Works.

We have a full time IT guy who is overwhelmed with demands from just about every department needing fixes, workarounds or repairs just to make this software do what it is supposed to do.

We decided to switch to flat rate a few weeks ago. Just to download the repair codes we had to buy a $1600 utility. After downloading all of the repair codes I learned that there will be a huge amount of labor involved in marrying the Quality Service Pricing Info to our part numbers.

We have invested hundreds of thousand of dollars in man hours putting information in the Shafers database. Now I am seriously considering scrapping the whole thing
because the complaints and problems are becoming a daily issue.

Seems very buggy, almost like beta version software.

Maybe we never set it up right? We've having a company wide meeting with Shafers to see how much of these issues might be related to being unfamiliar with this software. Perhaps it was set up wrong?

Has anyone else out there had any experience with Shafers? I'm particularly interested in hearing from other business owners who are using it.

Are you happy? Is it working for you? Did you hit the "Eject" button?

Thanks in advance for your responses and particpation.