We recently opened a new building with a Varitrac system; we're trying to learn how to configure some things and what we need to tell people about using it. The installer gave us a quick walkthrough (the proverbial drinking from a fire hose). When we can get ourselves coordinated, we might go back to him with these and other questions, but figured I'd try to get some input from here first.

There are seven zones. One night we had a meeting there in one room. I checked the system status beforehand -- all zones were unoccupied and the readings looked appropriate. I went up to the zone we were using, hit the occupied button, and set a temperature. When I rechecked the status, I was surprised to see that ALL zones were shown as "Occupied Bypass" and were trying to heat to their various setpoints. (By the way, what's the definition of "Occupied Bypass"? Is "Occupied" set according to schedules and "O B" set when someone hits the button during an unoccupied timeframe?) This didn't make sense to me. We wanted heat only in one zone. Is it supposed to work this way? I tried a few things but couldn't figure out a way to heat only one zone, other than going around to all the other thumbwheels and setting them lower.

Later a thought occurred -- we do have one simple schedule set up. To support this, we have one group with all the zones in it. Is it possible that because we have this group, that all zones react to one zone being occupied? That still doesn't make sense to me, but I figured I'd test it. However, when I went to remove the members from the group, I didn't have that action available. I could only add members. So how the heck do I remove them? Do I need to do this from the PC interface? (I haven't installed the software there yet.)

I wouldn't be surprised if I need to provide more details -- just direct me on what's missing. Thanks for any insight on this.