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With Obamacare, drug addicts, illegal immigrants, prostitutes, career thieves, prostitutes, and professional beggars will get free healthcare insurance. Working folks will get taxed. To pay for it.

On a personal note: Why not? We already give them free housing, free phones, free food-stamps, and payments for having babies. They already had free healthcare, they just were not obligated to pay for it. Now we are all obligated to pay for it for them. Tax the middle-class to support the street-people. In hindsight, obamacare is not really a radical change as it might seem.
So the moral of the story is if I want Heath care I just quit my job and have Obama hook me up for free plus feed and clothe me. Me and another guy joke at work we think the people on assistance have it bad but it's the opposite, we work our ass off all day to get buy while they just sit on there asses an get money for free. What ever happened to pride.

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