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    Is Manual J and S required for ductless mini split systems in NJ?

    As an older contractor, I am having a hard time with this. Obviously, manual D would not be required, but still. Only one town in my area is asking for them now, but that will change. Any advice? Manual S would be impossible as the system revs up and down.

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    Manual j is required to determine the load on the structure. You can get manual j and do it long hand or get software (not sure how detailed you need to be in your area-there are easy programs and detailed ones). Manual s is equipment selection to handle the load determined in manual J. Doesn't matter if it revs up and down as long as it covers the max. load.
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    If the jurisdiction is requiring both, treat it as you would with a regular split. The manual J will give you the heat load and the manual S is simply verbage that the system is within 1/2 ton of the manual J calculation. It doesnt matter if the unit ramps up and down, you bought a 2 ton split, it's a 2 ton.
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