I have a school that has Andover Native BACnet controllers in 17 of the new classrooms. We just took over the rest of the school, ver. AX 3.6.31 and I am trying to talk to these controllers to allow the owner to view the whole building from one graphic. I found all the devices after numerous discover, they can in a few at a time. When I went to discover the proxy points it took 20 min. but they did come in. Problem is they are all stale or in fault. This is the repeating error I am receiving.
at javax.baja.util.Worker$ at Source)
ERROR [14:02:06 10-Oct-12 CDT][] Bacnet Network Misconfiguration detected(1): Received message from network 2000 sent originally by us on network 2000!!!
ERROR [14:02:06 10-Oct-12 CDT][] Received Npdu indicates network misconfiguration!!!
Npdu: ver: 1 type: app pri: Normal DER: false
DNET: 65535 DLEN: 0 DADR: bcast hopCnt: 255
ERROR [14:02:09 10-Oct-12 CDT][bacnet.server] Bacnet Server Error!
at javax.baja.bacnet.point.BBacnetPointDeviceExt.find Points(
at com.tridium.bacnet.stack.server.CovHandler.process Cov(
at com.tridium.bacnet.stack.server.CovHandler.process ConfirmedCovNotificationRequest(
at com.tridium.bacnet.stack.server.CovHandler.receive Request(
at com.tridium.bacnet.stack.server.BBacnetServerLayer .processConfirmedRequest(
at com.tridium.bacnet.stack.server.BBacnetServerLayer .process(
at com.tridium.bacnet.stack.server.BBacnetServerLayer $
at javax.baja.util.Worker.process(
at javax.baja.util.Worker$
at Source)

I have done a few integrations but never to Andover and I have never seen these errors.
Any ideas?