I've been quoted the following system, and I'm trying to decide if I want to upgrade the compressor.

RGPE 07EAMKR furnace
14AJM024A01 AC
RCFL 2417 coil
Pro 8000 Stat
2100 AprilAir cleaner

After doing some research, I found that I was quoted one of the high end 80% prestige furnace components, but the lower end value AC. When I contacted the contractor about my concern he seemed to stand behind his original proposal quite firmly. Perhaps the contractor felt there was something with the prestige furnace worth having, but that the prestige/classic AC didn't offer much over their value brother?

Looking at the Rheem website, the Prestige furnace does have a variable speed motor that appears to be unique to the Prestige line. The Prestige/Classic both have lifetime warranties on heat exchanger and both come in 2 stage. Looking at the ACs, all 3 lines appear to have a "Copeland scroll compressor", but each provides additional functionality. The classic adds "low & high pressure controls", and the prestige additionally has "active protection" and "comfort control system". Are these just diagnostic features, or are these features worth paying for?

If cost were an issue, would meeting in the middle and getting the classic line for the furnace and compressor be more sensible?

Also, this system was quoted as 16SEER. Looking at the spec sheet for the 14AJM AC, the 14 stands for 14 SEER, but it also shows how when mated with the coil/air handler I've been quoted, it is effectively 16 SEER. Is this a typical and/or good way of obtaining a higher SEER?

Thanks in advance!