you know i been hangin around here for a couple of days and maybe i aint got this figgured out yet but none of you use your real names,anytime a topic comes up you move it to your private forums,if a homeowner comes on here and asks a question then bygolly anyone on here outta be pleased to answer it to the best of your knowledge,if there here askin questions they must have had some real troubles and bad experience with a service tech or hvac company,blowin them off just gives us all a bad image.sorry i just dont get it,what are you all tring to prove/ why even have this part of the forum? why not just make it all private. why if a feller really did need help he sure couldnt get it here you all are too busy scrutinizing every post seein if you can better it i mean if you think the capacitor is bad replace it good grief,if you dont replace the blower motor you should have,if you have doubts about a "part" replace it with a new one,everyone wins. loose-sin up a little and help the hvac guy image to be friendly and willing to help no matter what.good luck to youall.