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    In-Line Fuse Size?

    I need to place an in-line fuse for a blower relay. The unit is a 240 volt (electric heat) split system. Normally, I use a 3 amp fuse for this. However, I bought a “Lil Popper” fuse that I can’t return, but it’s 5 amp. Could a 5 amp fuse also work well as an in-line fuse for a relay in this system?

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    I am assuming you are referring to the automotive style spade fuses. I find that unless the system specifically calls for a particular size (ie a control board labeled "3 amp"), 5 amp and 3 amp can be used interchangeably.

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    +1 If it will blow a 3A it will normally blow a 5A. Either it's shorted or it's not.

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    Control circuit should not pull over 1A so either 3 or 5 is fine.

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