I have to replace my 2nd zone heat pump system which is in my attic. I live in the washington, DC metro area and have gotten quotes from five reputable firms that have had positive experiences in the past. All of the firms use certified installers. Each of the firms have proposed different brands of equipment and I'm trying to find out the pros and cons of the various brands. Money is not the important driver as much as reliability. Below are the various equipment that have been quoted:

1. Trane XL15
2. Amana ASZ14
3. Bryant 225B
4. Lennox XP14

All have been paired with a variable speed air handler.

Each of the various firms have their preferences for equipment and justification for why their's is better than others. I'm trying to find out if all is equal which is the most reliable system. I know there is differences in the SEERs in the various systems, but I'm more worried about quality than cost.

Each of the firms have done good work in the past for me or others I know including family members. So, i believe that the install will be done properly.

Thanks for any recommendations you can make.