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    As hvac is the major consumption of Electricity, we will save by using energy conservation methods and also by not compromising the conditions. Please discuss/post the techniques for energy saving.

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    Turn it off?

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    Replace older cooling systems with todays lower KW/ton rated units.

    If off peak electric rates are available, consider ice making chillers for storage. Expensive though.

    Keep condensers clean, clean, clean and machinery well maintained.

    Use energy management computer control systems to prevent waste and use free cooling whenever possible.

    Large facilities can consider co-generation.

    Pretty vague I know, but you need to start somewhere.

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    forget about rooftop units, forget about chillers and boilers, install all water source heatpumps, and if they are a certain brand, keep a run(one of each size) on hand for monthly replacements.

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    Details please

    Depending on your needs hot water recovery can be very cost effective.
    Soft starters, VFDs, sub coolers, lowering condenser water setpoint on chiller, converting primary/secondary chilled water loop to a variable primary.
    Reheat with refrigeration condensers, installing controls that limit when heat can be used, the possibilities can go on & on.

    We need some details to really help here.
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    First step toward energy conservation is to agree on comfort conditions. There are text book ideal conditions to provide comfort and conservation. However how many times have we seen the stat turned to sub-frigid with electric heaters under the desks running as hard as they can.
    Economizers and free cooling are perhaps under utilized. When an economizer stops functioning, an easy fix is to bring on mechanical cooling. Many times temporary jumpers become permanate repairs. I have seen this all to often.
    Well maintained mechanical systems will ensure the equipment is performing as efficiently as it was designed.

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    Originally posted by hvac magician
    Many times temporary jumpers become permanate repairs.
    beautiful quote.

    found one today. cost the customer over $700 in troubleshooting, looking above ceiling tiles for wires, etc. i think somebody will start making notes from now on.

    once again. beautiful quote.
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    My company is big on chiller efficiency. They have guidelines that are a lot stricter than almost any company out there. All our machines must have a heat balance of 5% or less and must prove to be 95% efficient as compared to design specs. This is hard to do as testing has to be very accurate. We are now in the process of trying to get our instumentation up to snuff to perform valid tests. We also took control of our hot water/steam converter setpoint schedule. We where able to operate it manualy and at lower temps. This saved a fortune in steam bills. Higher chilled water temps, lower condenser water temps. All help save money.Even turning off the fans and chillers a 1/2 hour before normal can save a ton of money. Just have to see what you can get away.

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    During humid weather, most home are now overcooled in an attempt to control humidity. I suggest cooling only when the home is occupied and using high effeicency dehumidification for humidity control when unoccupied. A/c removes 2 lbs. of moisture per KW. High eff. dehumidifier remove 5 lbs. and provide 8,500 btus of reheat per KW.
    Resolving the humidity control issue allows adequate sizing of the a/c to handle peak loads, reasonable cool-down following routine t-stat set-up, and wear capacity decline. T-stat set-up when unoccupied alone could 25-30% of cooling cost. TB

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